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ImageKari Jobe-Revelation song


Hillsong Music Australia-My heart will trust


Michael w. Smith-Heart of worship


Michael w. Smith-breathe


Michael w. Smith-Healing rain


Michael w. Smith-Draw me close


Michael w. Smith-Forever


Brian Duncan-Days of Elijah



Michael w. Smith-Above all


Ricky Skaggs-We all bow down


Nathaniel Bassey-Someone’s at the door


Let your glory fall


TJ-Be magnified


Don Francisco-He’s alive


Deitrick Haddon & Voices of unity-It all belongs to you


Chris Tomlin-How great is our God


Wow worship 2-Here I am to worship


Michael w. Smith-Our God is an awesome God


Hillsongs-My redeemer lives


Israel & New breed-Trading my sorrows(Yes Lord)

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For friends and friends of Olumide Ayinde HYDE

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            Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.- Psalm 116:15


On wednesday, 26 March, 2013, at about 10pm, I turned on my phone. As it is always, I went straight for BBM updates. The Personal messages and display pictures of my RUN friends did not correlate. It still does not. 

The picture of someone I was familiar with from afar was on display. But the PM’s, for all I cared was for someone else. I thought, maybe my friends were yet to upload the pictures. Though the thought of having lost a friend saddened me.

My memory came into play. Our interspersed conversations became palpable. I went back to the PM’s hoping my friends had uploaded the real pictures. I enlarged DP’s. Still same. I doubted the logicality to what was now real. It is not like I have the power to dictate what is and what is not; but the realization that this particular “friend” Olu was gone was disheartening. I thought life cruel.

I fairly knew him, but I and Olumide had mutual friends. So, from my conversations with him and friends I can say Hyde had a calm and peaceable mien. I know he spoke softly. He had a light around him that reflected in his friendships. Hyde was a charismatic person. 

I remember my first few interactions with him. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. One would think “he was being proud”. I would later learn that he was just the kind of person who was calm in front of a storm. He exuded maturity that I sought.

Memories of Olumide with mutual friends, whether it was in the hostel room, or in front of the lab, coming from the cafeteria or at chapel will forever remain with me.  

Our mutual friend, Toyin, brought me my last moments with him. Her pictures of them both and in some cases with other friends of ours while on orientation camp in Oyo State served as my last moments. Even on that camp via those pictures Hyde’s loving and cool self was not misplaced.

Our last real contact was during our convocation. The conviviality that came with staying at the International Guest House on camp, and other convocation moments are relived as I write this.

Nothing else shows the kind of person Hyde was than how he exited this chaotic world. 

Tomiwa Koleade’s PM kept ringing in my head, “what could have happened in that sleep?”. We would never know what happened in that sleep. Hyde and God his maker alone understand and know the last few moments of his existence. 

My friends, I started out to write a tribute to Olumide but moments have turned. They always turn. My personal reflections have crept in. So as we mourn and miss our dearly beloved, let us think on these things:   

For those who saw him the weekend before, did it seem like Hyde deserved death the last time you were with him? And those who spoke to him the day or night before and had a chat with him, did it cross your mind (for one second) it would be the last time?  

For the moments we shared with friends, I can say Hyde lived a calm life.

Friends, I am learning that for every breath I take, I am one day closer to my death. That every moment spent is my last opportunity to (show) love and be good. 

We are only here but for a short while. And the length of that time is not known to us. I implore that we use the energy of our youth to do good and be right in the Lord.

As Dami Oluyele’s dad, rightly says 

“Sorry folks, I feel you guys; But he’s finished his course! He’s handed over to you. How many souls are you going to impact positively when you are gone? After-life is real… You can have a designer after life…which ever way you choose while you are on this side of life! Take courage the holy spirit will comfort you.”

It is only right that we mourn Hyde for he will sorely be missed. Memories are all we have left of him. Sweet memories. 

Friends, in the words of Apostle Paul, I say, “not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead… “(Phil 3:12-13)

To the family, my special thoughts and heart felt prayers are with you in this time of sorrow. 

To friends and friends’, I am sending you a hug and love through this note. I wish you peace and healing.  

May the Lord our God keep us all. Amen.

Olumide Ayinde HYDE, sun re o. 


‘Seun IGE    




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Artiste: Iyanya

Track Title (Video): Head Swell

Album: Desire

Director: Moe Musa

Running Time: 3:41

Record label: Made Men Music Group

Year: 2013

head swell

Iyanya is not a new name in the industry. After making hay at the 2008 MTN Project Fame, we have come to love every song and video the brother has reeled out. His sophomore album ‘desire’ which was released earlier in the year has had its fair share of hits. From club rockers ‘Kuruke’ and ‘Ur Waist ft Emma Nyra’ to ‘Sexy Mama’ with Wizkid and the highlife ‘Flavour’ Iyanya has shown talent.

To open up the month of August, the video for #HeadSwell went viral, (it was the intention). The video had generated a lot buzz (normal buzz though, a new video was out). The buzz fizzled out after a few days, I think PSquare’s ‘Personally’ still finds its way into the convo’s now and then.

In the wee hours of releasing the video, social media had links to this 18+ rated video. And yes, that was the attraction.

So, this is what the video offered.

A crop of ladies trying out sexual with their dance moves. I think we saw better dance moves during the Oliver twist video competition put together by MoHits in their days of existence. Asides the girls, trying to dance, there was nothing else. Iyanya seemed to be hanging loosely in the video.  For all I care he did not fit in perfectly.

If a video is rated 18+, then there has to be a reason, and if those girls were the reason for the 18+ then they got it wrong. We all saw the video of that Dbanj’s song that got banned on air.  (‘Suddenly’, I think)

The video for head swell did not reach full climax.

The video is not so much of an adventure as the ratings make it seem. For what it is worth, the video is just like any other video in 9ja; nothing special, and very much disappointing.

I also do think the song lacks any lyrical thrust that would entice one. The reggae feel was not bad, but then, that genre is known for its lyrical strength, regardless of the subject matter; It is not just about the beat and the rhythm. They don’t miss the point.

Iyanya better luck next time on an adventure of such. Nice try though.

I am @SeunIGE

Dbanj y’ato but not ‘Oyato’

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I finally listened to D’banj’s new single ‘Oyato’ on Saturday and this is what I think.

The much anticipated avowal of D’banj’s musical prowess has finally been released. Since the dirty and dramatic break-up with his partner and producer, Don Jazzy, music lovers and fans of the music crooner had anticipated his next release outside his established arena and comfort zone -Mo Hits crew

So on the 14th of July 2013, the award winning singer proved that no turf or arena is too big or small for him to maximize, by given the ‘Oliver’s’ out there something to munch on.

The single, produced by Jeremiah Shelika- JaySleek­- the first producer signed to DB Records, D’banj’s new record label is no different at all.

The intro to the song comprises of a recurring chant of ‘oyato’ and the chorus, which takes about 32seconds. This rolls into the first verse of the song which ends somewhere around 1minute 6seconds.

I love this verse for one thing; a proverbial phrase, which D’banj retains its beauty by delivering in Yoruba – “kira kita o ma d’ola afi eni to oluwa ba fi fun” – meaning, strength and might does not equate wealth but of him whom the Lord makes way for. (my translations)

Here on, the chorus clangs for a few more seconds, till what seems to be the Verse Two comes on. I am not sure if this song has a verse two, but if it does the only plausible thing in this verse is the harmonica, which is on for about 14 seconds, then this, which I’d like to call a mantra ,“if  you know what I know, you go like me, sleeky, tell them, if them know what I know, them go like me” and then the song goes into chorus, a show of JaySleek’s beat, a replay of the chorus, and the usual yelps, of ‘oseee, mogbe, oyato, and uhmm”, till the chorus fades.

I must say that the reintroduction of the harmonica, purportedly adds some aesthetic flavor and melodious serenade to the song.

Oyato, the Yoruba word for ‘I am different’ is no different from what I know of D’banj’s music; weak lines, a repeated cry of what we already know, (that he is different), a lot of yelping, the beats and harmonica, which for me make up for the empty verses.

D’banj’s oyato is a good song. It entertains. Just as the worst of song by the koko master. But he cannot continue to be mediocre about his music. A look at Tuface Idibia’s latest LP ‘Away and Beyond’, says it all from the album title to the songs in the album. A perfect representation of what is expected of D’banj.

JaySleek is not a bad producer at all. J, already known for making hits with Sound Sultan– 2010, Cartiair –‘Owo ati Swagger , Tuface Idibia – Implication, Only me, Outside, Jungle Don Mature and other artists.

D’banj is an entertainer no doubt, but to stay at the top, his songs need to go beyond being a show of  his craziness and funkiness, and give us a show of talent, skill and hard work; something entertaining as usual, with a show of maturity and development in his song writing.

With this song, I say D’banj has not matured in his music since his grand entrance in 2004, with the single “mo bo l’owon”. And that is no way to conquer the world D’banj.

We your loyal fans hope for something better soon.


I am @SeunIGE on Twitter

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Farafina Books

Farafina Books will be launching the print version of Eghosa Imasuen’s Fine Boys, which has been recently released. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will be hosting the launch, and there will be readings by Eghosa, from Fine Boys. Binyavanga Wainaina will also be reading from his much-acclaimed memoir, One Day I Will Write About This Place.

There will be music and spoken word performances by Honey Adum and Efe Paul Azino, and freebies for some lucky guests. Guests will also get a chance to chat with the authors and get their books signed. Your favourite Farafina titles will be available for sale.

Date: Saturday, 25 August 2012
Time: 2 p.m.
Venue: Quintessence, Falomo Shopping Complex,  Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos

Entry is absolutely free! Bring a friend!

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Farafina Books

Established in 2011, the DWSeries has become a major avenue for consistent interaction between industry practitioners and youths, challenging young minds to creativity and focus.

Held on the main campus of the University of Lagos, the Design Workshop Series has received an enthusiastic response from audiences and has come to be seen as fresh and forward-looking. Since February 25th, 2012, Tunde Kelani, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Paul Kodje, Bez Idakula, Omoyemi Akerele, Kunle Afolayan, Ohimai Atafo, Dapo Akintunde and a myriad of others have graced the DWSeries stage.

This month, the series will feature novelist Eghosa Imasuen, whose latest book, Fine Boys, has been making waves in the literary world; music legend, Bisade Ologunde (popularly known as Lagbaja); and Lanre Olusola, philosopher, people manager and life/executive coach.

Date:  Saturday 28 July 2012
Time: 12.00 noon prompt (attendees to be seated by 11.30 am)
Venue: PG Architecture Studio, University of Lagos, Akoka…

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'Seun Writes

I could not look. I was walking back, when those boys started to call at me, shouting, ‘Reveren sistaa, Reveren sistaa’. I recognized one of the voices; I turned to look at him. He used to come to my house at night sometimes, but his thing never stands!

I looked at the woman again, now sitting and singing a song.

I continued to walk back to where I sit every morning to watch what happens on the road. I was still in shock.

Some called me, I refused to look back or answer. The person was now shouting ‘Aunty Bose, Aunty Bose! ’… it knew who it was. He used to live with us until uncle died. He was now walking towards me, where I was sitting. He was saying something and pointing to the already turning mad woman who had taken everything off except the black tights she was…

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