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Just A Thought | Lessons from the Road Less Travelled (2): Glad Tidings for Year 2017

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The year has started, and I can say things are looking quite brighter than the last. Already there are friends getting engaged; a new career appointments and I have seen movie this year and sense I will be seeing many more. I like the brightness already and I hope the light does not die out.

I gave my first New Year sermon weeks ago. And as is my practise, I always ask to know what the Holy Spirit intends for the flock. So, I was more than glad when very early on the 31st of December I received my daily dose of A Slice of Infinity in my mail titled: A New Year with New Hope written by Ravi Zacharias. As I read through I was happy, it seemed as if he (Ravi) had seen my sermon note (well, since my sermon was already ready by Friday morning,*winks*) and liked what he read. The text for my sermon is quoted above.

As I read the article, I got a better understanding of what the Holy Spirit intended for all. 2016 was dramatic in a lot of ways. I remember sharing on my Facebook page sometime back, how 2016 had surprises in different sectors and for different people. In football for the English premiership fans they saw. Leicester win the League; in Politics, Brexit won the UK memorandum and Hillary Rodham Clinton lost presidential elections, the Allepo crises, and the economic situation of Nigeria, just to mention a few.

It is in spite of these odds and many others that we go into the new year, hoping it to be a happy one. It is with all the heart break that many hope to find love, get a better job, change houses, get healed and maybe even travel outside their countries of residence.

A life without hope is a life without justifiable faith, a life that rests in a hollow, self-aggrandizing reaction to reality.- Ravi Zacharias 

Faith is what helps us to hold on when there is nothing in view. We must look beyond the ugly realities and beautiful past, see the promised rainbow. We must have not just the faith in our ability but faith in God who is able to finish that which he begun 2000 years ago.

Faith is a knowledge within the heart beyond the reach of proof –  kwoteapp.

Having learnt so many things from the past year, we must take that new level of knowledge, walk in faith, knowing that our hopes would not be disappointed.

The writer of the epistle to the Corinthians shares with us what’s most key to having a better life – a life that embraces, and conquers all odds. He says that Love is the principal thing. 

German Philologist, Friedrich Nietzsche says, “Love is not consolation. It is light”. It is light that allows us see through the thick mist that shrouds our reality. It is light that we see in people of a different worldview to ours that helps us take them in, when the world system teaches other wise. But we have this light in us to recognise it in others.

You see, love is our true destiny and we do not find the meaning of life alone, we find it with others. And to have others in our life we must be available to them. Better put, the only way to have a friend in our life, is to first be one.

Let me share this story of a couple a friend related to during a teaching. The husband had shared with his wife his greatest affirmation of his love for her on the wedding night. He said, “for everything you would ever do, I forgive you”. She did not quite get it. Later in the marriage when she would do something or a disagreement would come up, and the husband would say to her, more like a reminder and re-affirmation, “I have already forgiven you”. Here on, it began to dawn on her the meaning of those words on the night they took their marital vows.

You see, I had always thought when we love we must forgive. Yes, because it is not only the right thing to do, it is our duty. However, in light of a new understanding recently received, It is apt to say that forgiveness is impossible simply by the seed of love alone, we need an equal quantity of faith in the mix.       To love, we need faith, and faith works by love. That is, the kind of love that protects, that trusts, that hopes and more so, perseveres. 

And If we are to have a brighter year, if we are to triumph in 2017, we need to open up, let go of the hurt in exchange for light, so much that we become beacons of hope in our small sectors or units.
Enjoy the rest of the year.

francis Seun IGE

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This Just A Thought series is inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ Just A Thought one minute podcasts. You can listen to ‘Lessons from the Road less travelled” on the RZIM website. 

francis Oluwaseun IGE is full time minister of the Gospel with The Redeemed Christian Church of God currently serving in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


Just A Thought | Lessons from the Road Less Travelled: Taking a cue from 2016 

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It is the first month of 2017. So Happy New Year is still in order.

Whilst, I was caught up with church planting in December last  year, I tried to think what my first post for 2017 should be about. There was a lot I wanted to write down; though there was barely time to punch key pads without being distracted, I like to think it was more to procrastination, I did not write this earlier. Now that my drafts box is full, I am left with either to delete and start clean or see which is worth sharing.

As the year drew to an end and the new one began, I one-two-many personal testaments of what kind of year 2016 was. This  reminded me of the beginning of the year, when you read such decrees and proclamations as ” My year of divine favour”, “My of fulfilment”, “My year of next level promotion” just to name a few. So when at the end of the year, and I read things like, “2016 was filled with disappointments”, “thank God 2016 has come and gone”, and many of such comments I can not remember now that expressed emotions as pain, hurt, disappointments, tears and heart break, etc I understood them because I also had my fair share of delays and disappointments. I’m sure everybody has something to say about 2016 being the year of drama. I particularly remember one post from a distant friend where she said “I got hurt the most in 2016”. I was tempted to ask if this statement had to do with her career goals or relationship goals?

I learnt a lot in 2016. It was a year of learning and growing in new dimensions for me. I was stretched in ways I never saw myself doing on my own, and I’m happy I was not allowed to have my way times I insisted to. I largely spent more time by myself with myself. Probably, went out on a date-kind-of-night not more than three times. Hence, as I read through all of those condolence messages and epitaph worthy quotes for 2016 I could not but ask, what did you learn from all these experiences you people had? From the comments I read only few people pointed out what they learnt from their experiences. It was like these folks were interested in burying 2016 they forgot to take the hand over notes for 2017.
I believe that we must take away something from our experiences; it must in a way break us, as well as mould. Our experiences must kick start dead cells in us or purge our excesses.

Apostle Paul said in Romans 5:3-5




we glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulations worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope; And Hope makes not ashamed;

We are not allowed to think, believe or expect God would take us through a journey and there would be no lessons. With God there is always purpose.

Like Ravi Zacharias shares with us in His podcast, ‘Lessons from the Road less travelled’,  he says “God always takes us through different experiences – trials and tribulations for learning some of life’s most important lessons that would be important for building a strong life”.

He reminds us of a scene in the book of Deuteronomy as aanalogy.

Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years, humbling you and testing you to prove your character, and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands. 8:2 NLT

In this Bible verse, Moses reminds the children of Israel how God took them through the wilderness for forty years, a journey that could have been completed in 14 days or less.

That process, as heart rendering, ego humbling, character proving, and faith trying as it might have been had a purpose. If the children of Israel were to get it right with God they had to go through the Long road. There is place we have to be, a time in our life that must come to pass, a person we must become and to get through or attain this height the preparation process is important. What Ravi calls the Long road in some Christian circles is referred to  as the wilderness experience.

So, if you want to forget all of 2016, I suggest you don’t forget the lessons you learnt. And if it happens you already left the lessons and took the humour, you probably should do some retrospective pan and see what else is there to glean from last year’s experience. Because your hopes for 2017 will need the foundational lessons of 2016. And Paul, in Romans 5:5 concludes “hope maketh not ashamed (KJV).” Another version renders it, “hope does not disappoint (NIV).”

Happy New Year!
francis Oluwaseun IGE

PS: I figured this is one of the few that should be shared.

This post is a spin off of, and or was inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ Just a Thought serial podcast titled “Lessons from the road less travelled”.

Hopefully, this is the first of the many spin offs that would come from the Just A Thought serial podcasts. You can listen to to other podcasts on the RZIM website.