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A Question of Power: Ben Okri’s “Meditations on Greatness” at Africa Writes

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AiW Guest Réhab Abdelghany

I first saw Ben Okri in a photograph that the Africa Centre had sent me back in 2000 to accompany an interview with the first Caine Prize winner, Leila Aboulela, which I published later in Egypt. In that photo, Okri was congratulating Aboulela with a warm smile and a pat on the shoulder. Some months later in Cairo, a used copy of The Famished Road in a bookshop on the famous Road 9 caught my attention. I picked it up only to find out who this Ben Okri was; after all, the best way to know a writer is to visit the place where his creative mind is revealed. Ever since, I have been on the road.

Ben Okri at Africa Writes © Benjamin Elwyn Ben Okri at Africa Writes © Benjamin Elwyn

One day last month, this road brought me to the British Library for Ben Okri’s sold-out lecture “Meditations on Greatness” as part…

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Consumption Theory: Social Media vs Private Media

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Read and Enjoy. Thanks to Adejokeiyaibadan’s blog for the excerpt. Then i went looking for the piece.

R.G. Tamaki


Experience IMAX 3D and the ultimate home theater experience in surround sound and Ultra-HD. Welcome to the world of blogs and microblogs, of forums and comment sections where everything is about trending and tagging; tweeting and trolling; searching and snapchatting; installing and instagramming; logging in and never signing out.

In the age of the spinning wheel, the beep-beep-bops, and the dot-dot-dots, this is the era of the viral state of mind—the mass consumption of social media.

Now right off the bat let me just say that I’m all for social media. I like blogs, facebook, youtube, etc. I think they’re wonderful and I believe that Gary Vaynerchuck was right when he said that we are now living in “the second industrial revolution.” But amidst these technological tectonic shifts in our reality, it just seems to me that something is lacking. Like an obese person looking at himself in the mirror for the…

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