Month: November 2014

Finding Purpose

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Thinking about life in itself will raise the absurdity of it all. But thinking about ones personal life, that entirely is a different ball game. You find yourself coursing the paths of destiny, faith, ideology, belief and the others. But more frequently, you find that you keep coming to your actions and the reasons behind them – wondering if you could have done it differently. Well, everything and anything could have been done differently. The thing you should examine is the reason behind your actions, what were they stemmed on?

In recent times, I have been reading less fiction; more biographies, memoirs and the likes, basically, non-fiction. I have found myself entertaining new perspectives. And some point, I have had to reassess my beliefs and stand points, whereas, realized that most of my decisions have been guided by irrationalities, a lot of them.

In all, I have come to one conclusion- rather sweeping and overblown though- nobody knows anything. We are trying to make an understanding of the things we see and hear; the things we read and believe in. We are all just trying to connect the dots. Nothing more.

Look, for some folks, it is easier to make overblown statements than accept ignorance.

Faced with the possibility of death I have found myself thinking the most puerile, hilarious, and sometimes vein thoughts. I have painted scenarios of no possible reality, all to account for the 50-50 chance in which I had found myself.

The world is filled with people who out of lack of logical answers for their questions have rejected the available answer.

I am here to make overblown statements. If you cannot take them, walk away now. That statement itself is overblown.

I have heard people say that life is meaningless. Yes, that is true if you think about it, on a parallel with existence. So, when l hear someone say such, I understand where they are coming from. A life of no meaning is a life driven by guesses and possibilities, a life where action is based on circumstance not direction or goal; a life where purpose is void. Life is individualistic. There’s no communal to purpose, just existence.

So, if one does not have knowledge of purpose of existence, existence becomes valueless, ergo, meaningless. Did the Bible not say my people perish for lack of Vision. When you are driven by purpose, one understands that bleakness is just a situation; vicissitude. A change in cycle and one must stay steady, move with the cycle while finding your path. One must take the griefs and joys that life throws at you, work the way to your miracles. Your small miracles are your building blocks to immortality. And miracles don’t just happen, you strive stridently, staying on course persistently, bit by bit, making a head way.

To this end, what wall is your ladder resting on? Making sure to succeed is small. Succeeding at the right thing is more grand. In ‘clichéd’ terms, fulfilling destiny is grander than grand.

Daily, it becomes more visible that the race to fulfilment starts at the beginning – creation. Another sweeping statement; ignore all that noble talk about achieving or walking in line with destiny, many folks are living life on terms of “what you love to do” or “what you find yourself doing”. Very few people are on the path to fulfilment.

Fulfillment is the result of having done appropriately what you are supposed to do, and within the scheduled time frame. Fulfillment is when we accomplish destiny.

Talent is not purpose. Talents are elements or factors that should, and or, would make living a life of purpose and or, achieving purpose easier.

The only way to access one’s purpose is through revelation – God reveals purpose. God created us; so to know and understand destiny go back to God.

There’s a purpose for the existence of a being, and a time frame too. Connecting with the source of that purpose is key to accessing that programme, and delivering in record time is even greater. You cannot enter into Gods divine plan for your life, if you are not consciously seeking God, and his purpose for your life.

Its like using a computer. Control+ V is programmed as a shortcut for cut. Unless you know this the Control and V would be two buttons with different functions. You never maximise a computer until you know all its functions and capability and use them to your satisfaction.

So, you could be achieving, and making mark, but if the heavens haven’t revealed your purpse, you are probably just doing good at your passion.

Holistically, our lives should give God glory and be of benefit to mankind.

Let’s start with, benefit to mankind; Does your life (in the least, tangentially) benefit mankind?