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Artiste: Iyanya

Track Title (Video): Head Swell

Album: Desire

Director: Moe Musa

Running Time: 3:41

Record label: Made Men Music Group

Year: 2013

head swell

Iyanya is not a new name in the industry. After making hay at the 2008 MTN Project Fame, we have come to love every song and video the brother has reeled out. His sophomore album ‘desire’ which was released earlier in the year has had its fair share of hits. From club rockers ‘Kuruke’ and ‘Ur Waist ft Emma Nyra’ to ‘Sexy Mama’ with Wizkid and the highlife ‘Flavour’ Iyanya has shown talent.

To open up the month of August, the video for #HeadSwell went viral, (it was the intention). The video had generated a lot buzz (normal buzz though, a new video was out). The buzz fizzled out after a few days, I think PSquare’s ‘Personally’ still finds its way into the convo’s now and then.

In the wee hours of releasing the video, social media had links to this 18+ rated video. And yes, that was the attraction.

So, this is what the video offered.

A crop of ladies trying out sexual with their dance moves. I think we saw better dance moves during the Oliver twist video competition put together by MoHits in their days of existence. Asides the girls, trying to dance, there was nothing else. Iyanya seemed to be hanging loosely in the video.  For all I care he did not fit in perfectly.

If a video is rated 18+, then there has to be a reason, and if those girls were the reason for the 18+ then they got it wrong. We all saw the video of that Dbanj’s song that got banned on air.  (‘Suddenly’, I think)

The video for head swell did not reach full climax.

The video is not so much of an adventure as the ratings make it seem. For what it is worth, the video is just like any other video in 9ja; nothing special, and very much disappointing.

I also do think the song lacks any lyrical thrust that would entice one. The reggae feel was not bad, but then, that genre is known for its lyrical strength, regardless of the subject matter; It is not just about the beat and the rhythm. They don’t miss the point.

Iyanya better luck next time on an adventure of such. Nice try though.

I am @SeunIGE

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