Dbanj y’ato but not ‘Oyato’

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I finally listened to D’banj’s new single ‘Oyato’ on Saturday and this is what I think.

The much anticipated avowal of D’banj’s musical prowess has finally been released. Since the dirty and dramatic break-up with his partner and producer, Don Jazzy, music lovers and fans of the music crooner had anticipated his next release outside his established arena and comfort zone -Mo Hits crew

So on the 14th of July 2013, the award winning singer proved that no turf or arena is too big or small for him to maximize, by given the ‘Oliver’s’ out there something to munch on.

The single, produced by Jeremiah Shelika- JaySleek­- the first producer signed to DB Records, D’banj’s new record label is no different at all.

The intro to the song comprises of a recurring chant of ‘oyato’ and the chorus, which takes about 32seconds. This rolls into the first verse of the song which ends somewhere around 1minute 6seconds.

I love this verse for one thing; a proverbial phrase, which D’banj retains its beauty by delivering in Yoruba – “kira kita o ma d’ola afi eni to oluwa ba fi fun” – meaning, strength and might does not equate wealth but of him whom the Lord makes way for. (my translations)

Here on, the chorus clangs for a few more seconds, till what seems to be the Verse Two comes on. I am not sure if this song has a verse two, but if it does the only plausible thing in this verse is the harmonica, which is on for about 14 seconds, then this, which I’d like to call a mantra ,“if  you know what I know, you go like me, sleeky, tell them, if them know what I know, them go like me” and then the song goes into chorus, a show of JaySleek’s beat, a replay of the chorus, and the usual yelps, of ‘oseee, mogbe, oyato, and uhmm”, till the chorus fades.

I must say that the reintroduction of the harmonica, purportedly adds some aesthetic flavor and melodious serenade to the song.

Oyato, the Yoruba word for ‘I am different’ is no different from what I know of D’banj’s music; weak lines, a repeated cry of what we already know, (that he is different), a lot of yelping, the beats and harmonica, which for me make up for the empty verses.

D’banj’s oyato is a good song. It entertains. Just as the worst of song by the koko master. But he cannot continue to be mediocre about his music. A look at Tuface Idibia’s latest LP ‘Away and Beyond’, says it all from the album title to the songs in the album. A perfect representation of what is expected of D’banj.

JaySleek is not a bad producer at all. J, already known for making hits with Sound Sultan– 2010, Cartiair –‘Owo ati Swagger , Tuface Idibia – Implication, Only me, Outside, Jungle Don Mature and other artists.

D’banj is an entertainer no doubt, but to stay at the top, his songs need to go beyond being a show of  his craziness and funkiness, and give us a show of talent, skill and hard work; something entertaining as usual, with a show of maturity and development in his song writing.

With this song, I say D’banj has not matured in his music since his grand entrance in 2004, with the single “mo bo l’owon”. And that is no way to conquer the world D’banj.

We your loyal fans hope for something better soon.


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